Sabtu, 06 Oktober 2018

Surat Malam

Sometimes there are someone ask me. "Did you miss your mom and dad?". How I explain this question. Somtimes I think it is useless questions.

When my friends have a change for taking their familys picture every moment. I only say on my mind "just be patient, there is happiness will come later". The moment that I miss them very much is when idul fitri and idul adha day. I have forgotten when I was gether with my complate family.

I have many dreams but I m affraid for mentioning them. I think that my parent little enough for listening all my dreams. Their live were contributed only for looking a lot of money without think anything else. They forget their hobbies maybe.

I miss them much

But I cant say it directly.

How I explain clearly, but my tears never stop when my fingers are typing this words.

~ahh sudahlah keheningan malam memang selalu menyisakan rindu.

Begitu banyak harapnya aku bahkan takut. Takut mimpinya tidak tercapai melalui diriku.
Aku takut detiknya yang berlalu tidak bisa terobati dengan keberhasilanku kelak.


Maafkan anakmu terlalu banyak mengeluh kalian bahkan tidak pernah mengeluhkan kebutuhanku, maafkan aku yang terlalu psimis.

I m so sorry for all readers who have been read this, ini hanya curhatan yang tiba-tiba muncul menjelang pergantian hari. Rasanya kalo saya sudab menuangkan resahku dalam tulisan terasa kelegahan yang hqq layaknya saya sedang becerita dengan orang lain.

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